• Angel Turner

Dear media...please STOP!

On behalf of my sister, Georgia Leah Moses, born January 7, 1985, in Buffalo, New York...please stop telling these half baked, non factual, irrelevant stories.

My sister was was 12 years old when she was raped, strangled, and left to rot along the highway.

Let me say that again.


Stop victim shaming her.

Stop regurgitating the same b.s story that all of your predecessors have spit out.

Stop wasting your time and mine to, “tell my sister’s story” without telling her story.

Stop referring to my sister as a poor black girl. That has no relevance to the fact that a monster chose to take her from us. That a monster chose to rape, strangle and kill my 12 year old sister.

Stop comparing her story to that of Polly Klaas. This insinuates that Polly's life did not warrant the national media attention that she received. This implies that because she was white she received “better” treatment than my sister.

Reality is, Polly Klaas received the very attention and outcry that she DESERVES, that everyone child DESERVES.

Stop getting the details wrong about a situation you obviously have NO clue on.

A simple interview with multiple people... friends, family, teachers, etc., would instantly debunk all of the nonsense you chose to write and call a story.

Stop tarnishing my sister’s memory for the sake of checking the block and pushing a further divide in the race war against blacks and whites.

FYI, my sister had many friends, white included, so for the sake of my sister, the love she embodied and her ability to look PAST skin color...STOP.

Stop using my sister for your own agendas.

Stop referring to her as woman when you know very well a 12 year old GIRL, is everything BUT a woman.

Stop steering away from the facts.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

If you can’t get tell my sister’s story correctly, then don’t bother saying her name.

We were raised to tell the truth!

How how are the very entity that the world goes to for “facts” but you constantly lie?

This has gone on far too long.

On behalf of Georgia Leah Moses...please stop!

Please and thank you!

Signed, the baby sister who REFUSES to let the media continue to destroy her sister's name, memory, and the 12 years she went above beyond to do the right thing!

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